My Grandmother Is an Egg (2021)

Short 8min

Mi abuela era una T’ung-yang-hsi. Es una práctica tradicional del matrimonio arreglado el vender una niña a otra familia para que la críe como futura nuera. Los huevos son frágiles, pero a la vez resistentes. Mi abuela es un huevo.

My grandmother was a T’ung-yang-hsi. She has lived up to her fate. T’ung-yang-hsi is the traditional practice of pre-arranged marriage, selling a young girl to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law. From microscopic to macroscopic, from personal witness to general phenomenon in society, the audiences may glimpse the long past, imagine women’s situation in our own times, and look forward to striving for real gender equality in the future.

Egg is life per se. Eggs are fragile, but at the same time tough. My grandmother is an egg.

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Mandarin Chinese


English, Spanish


Taiwan, United Kingdom